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2020 Valentines Day Outfit Inspiration

Hello there!

Long time its been, speaks we! #yodastyle

Yes, am now catching up on start war on Disney+. Have you watched it?

So, as you might recall the Valentine’s Day look book/outfit inspo that I put out in 2018 and you all loved it so much. Those outfits are so timeless, click here to check that out. I thought it’s only fair I grace you with another!

Click here for my current favorite must have beauty basics!

I have been so busy these days and my research on fashion trends for 2020 is still on the edge. From the little that I know I can say that this year big hooray to al the bold/puffy/voluminous sleeve trend, I just love it so much! Also a big Yes to cute feminine ruffles, short dresses, bralette over a shirt, oversized blazers etc.,

Coming to accessories, hmmm where do I start, layering bangles, chains, mixing metals, kitten heels, strap sandals, pearl jewelry, big sparkly hair bands, bow tie hair pins, saddle bags, reusable shoppers/tote yes and once again Yessssssss!

Simply put, just go watch “Cheers” and see what people are wearing and that’s about everything making a comeback for 2020! Did I mention the not easy to miss sparkly sequined dresses? Am not sure how I feel about that, I might do a milder version but definitely not the runway sparkles ✨ Although in my head I kinda wanna slay that, but, well there it is, not sure how I feel about the sequined dresses 🤔🙃😐

Here are a few looks that I put to gather, hope you can find something for yourself! Check out my previous year’s Valentine’s Day look book to see what’s still in my wardrobe and how I have styled them!


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