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Know me 10 times better!

Have been seeing a lot of new faces around here, Facebook and on my Instagram. Thanks to all for the love, I FINALLY made it ok 1k on Instagram!

In honor of, inspired by a fellow blogger (more on insta) “let’s get to know each other a lil better”

Ten fun facts about me, I would love to hear your 10 or at least one!

10. The first thought that crossed my mind when I found out I was having a girl was “thank god I know to tie a cute bow” 🎁

9. I can’t do a top bun, it just falls right off. I’ve seen people do it without any hair ties, how? Teach me!

8. My top favorite shows are American Horror Story, Ozark & The Office.

7. I hate books, can’t stand them. Exploring audiobooks, I think I like it better this way.

6. I am always on a chill pill, not even kidding.

5. As a child I insisted on having a bicycle even though I didn’t know to ride one, my lovely friends helped me take it home from the shop!

4. I can sit by myself in a corner without any gadgets and not get bored for hours.

3. I love boarding school, every bit of it was amazing! There I said it, do you know anyone that didn’t hate their boarding school journey? I think we could be friends 😍

2. I hate takeouts, why do they exist? I might as well put something together, which should take about the same time as going though the menu and deciding what to order.

1. I can’t do same thing twice! Routine is boring for me.

Your turn!

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